Who will moderate these sessions with your staff?

After Half Time has been co-founded by Mike Morrison and Paul Lyons. Both have enjoyed successful corporate careers, in advertising and executive search respectively, and have now pivoted into mental health and mental toughness coaching . They have met some headwinds professionally and personally, and feel passionately about advising employees at this important stage in their lives. Mike’s latest book “The Anxiety Society” attends to some of the sources of anxiety that people over 50 can suffer.


Mike and Paul are not finger painters, they will not waste your employees time, with wistful, romantic, musings about the future, or setting unachievable bucket lists, which are more fantasies, than desires in action. They are inspiring, practical, fun to work with a focus on a practical output.


They are joined from London by Diane Metcalfe, an executive with over 30 years experience who now is an executive and life coach. She has been in CEO and board roles, in private equity backed businesses, and holds an MBA from ESSEC in Paris.

Our Moderators

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Paul Lyons

Co-founder paullyons.com

Paul is an experienced leader with 25 years CEO experience with 2 international recruitment companies and for the past six years a mental toughness expert. He will guide you through the crystallisation of your Reset Plan through his challenging questions and personal experiences.


Diane Metcalfe

Executive coach dianemetcalfe.com

She has a very real understanding of the leadership, performance and personal challenges in these sectors that can only come from first-hand experience, and she well understands the impact leadership roles can have on executives’ physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and potential for burn out.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” 

Hunter S. Thompson.

What are the issues facing  staff over 50?

The word aging to many means losing, looks, mobility, finance, freedom, cognition, and dignity.


Some societies revere older people in society. Australia isn’t one of them. 


People over 50 face discrimination in employment, housing and social services, and many other aspects of society, with a prevailing view, that useful life isn’t possible past the magic age of 50. Discrimination is so rife that companies must prepare now in order to not face potential litigation.


We change that mindset among our clients and prove to them they have much to be proud of, and we can help them map a path to a more satisfying future than the one they may see for themselves.


 Much of the discrimination comes from an individual's own mindset but you can help.


Often, we become stuck viewing life through the rear-view mirror thinking our best is behind us but it can be a more satisfying life post 50.


“I’m lost and I don't know what to do”

“Its new territory -people like us haven’t existed before”


Life events happen and we get blown off course


Sh*t happens, and we get blown off course causing envy, self-pity, lack of foresight, revenge, bitterness etc.


People often conceal this and have secret and silent issues they are unwilling to talk about, and they fear - they are often thinking “How did I get into this mess?

Often they are lost and confused without a sense of identity left with who they used to be  or purpose or source of joy.


Mike Morrison

Co - founder michaelmorrison.com.au

A former chief strategy officer in multinational ad agency group WPP, as well as Chief Sales Officer of Network 10. Mike has had times of underemployment after 50 and has successfully pivoted into a portfolio of enterprises in a completely new category after his full-time career. He now coaches on mental resilience and is creating a company to educate people on the physiology of brain health and its relationship to good mental health.

Why should your employees attend?

Debt, anxiety, and divorce, none of us are immune to these events and the consequences of such situations become more acute as you get older. Your employees will feel like this is something that has been created just for them, in a way very few training sessions do. The program is personal and so is the output. It’s very unlike an employer to provide a “rest of life” view as a service to their employees.


We show clients from the experience of others the top financial mistakes to avoid and the top financial strategies to consider post 50.


Many people over 50 are experiencing, burn out, cognitive overload, and a feeling they have more to accomplish in their lives and often an external set of eyes can help them realise their potential. They may be financially sound but feel that they need some direction on how to achieve what they want in the years ahead.

How much are our fees?

The cost to the company is $395+ gst per employee.


Should clients wish to check in with AHT after the seminar session then we expect that to be a cost born by the client not the employer.

What do we do for your team?

We hold training and support programs for employees age 50+  via zoom or onsite. These are half-day sessions involving three of our moderators, all over 50, and we focus on 3 key themes.


It underpins our Navigator Program.


These themes are considered in 3 parts throughout the session.


  1. Reflect - “You have much to be proud of” -  We capture that.

  2. Replan- Set a new destination - “How do you want to live?”

  3. Re-execute  - “What happens now and in the future to maintain your course?”.

At the end of the session, the clients will have completed a template of answers to the questions posed by the moderators, and this template acts as a brief .


We give that to animators who produce a personal life map video/film for the client, sent either by link or usb device. This brings to life in a more compelling way than a work book manual the decisions made and the direction people choose to head in.


It gives them a personal future map of the areas like, financial, mental and physical health. It helps them remain resilient in an unchartered territory.


We also offer a service where clients can check back in with AHT to examine their progress and receive any necessary advice. Some may find this useful each quarter or just twice a year.


You are welcome to discuss this with either Mike or Paul to make a booking and receive details of the program.


mrmikemorrison@gmail.com +61448226212


paul@paullyons.com +61419224875