Adult Education Course

Who we are

AHT is a Life Path Company that provides a social good to people over 50 years of age.  Over 3500 people turn 50 in Australia each week.


1. We assist people to consciously reset for the rest of their lives and so increase their chances of living well rather than ageing badly. No one plans to end up in a nursing home, and by then it’s too late to make substantial corrections to your life. But most people underestimate what it takes to plan for a satisfying life after full-time work.

On current estimates, you will live at another 35 years after 65. That requires some planning.


2. Life events beset us all – one or sometimes many key events like personal ill health, family bereavement, relationship break down or financial ruin -can throw us well off course from our intended destination. If we have a destination. Our advice is to have one.


3. We help provide the mindset, resources, and guidance for people to make the necessary self-determined course corrections, rather than getting randomly washed up on the rocks of an unwanted destination.